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  T each me thy way, O LORD, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies. Ps 27:11


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What grace is this?
That I though so undeserving
am the object of God's
tender care!
What need is there to worry
or be afraid
when my Father hears
my every prayer?


Walking in Faith Toward EternitySold

Cheers for The Runner

Run the race set before you and don't balk,
   When you come to pass-the-buck roadblock,
Accept full responsibility for what you've done.
   Don't blame others, for the prize must be won!

Look out! Just a short way ahead is self-pity quicksand!
   Now trust Christ Who'll lead you to that better land!
Don't feel sorry for yourself and pout.
   That's not what the Christian race is all about!

Worry ravine is coming up on your right,
   It's a sight that could cause fright.
But don't ask "What if?" or veer off that way,
   From the race you'd surely go astray.

Now you've come to the place
   where pride prison lurks in your race.
Beware of thinking too highly of what you've done,
   If you want to be rewarded by the Son.

Uh, Oh, I can see Lost Dreams Mirage creeping up on you,
   Don't look behind, but ahead to the glorious view.
What might have been is not your concern.
   But new lessons now that you may learn.

You may not see it, but there's an open manhole.
   Just ahead beyond the rising knoll.
Ask Christ to make your motives pure, 
   and your call and election sure.

On the left looms a cavern dark --
   Compromise Cave, where runners often like to park,
But don't go in there,
   For Jesus is coming to meet us in the air!

The Christian race is a marathon to be run,
   So don't stop
or be derailed
   until the prize is won!




From Death to Life

I was standing in line with Adam at its head.
   I was following that line with much to dread.
This parade is heading to disaster.
   The line of the condemned moves faster and faster.

One by one each falls into a cavern deep with no escape
   and a future filled with horrors undraped,
when it is too late to return to life on earth --
   Forever too late to receive the joy of new birth.

Yes, I was following that line long ago,
   When I heard a gentle voice whisper low,
"Come to me and I will give you rest."
   Christ's call from death to life so blessed!

So I left the parade behind Adam
   to join the redeemed who follow the Lamb.
In the line with Christ at its head,
   There's victory over sin, death and dread.

No expectation of a future of endless night,
   But hope of resplendent never-ending light.
For Jesus is the way, the truth and the life --
   My peace in the midst of strife.

For death reigned through Adam's sin
   and over all who are in him.
But those who receive God's provision of grace
   will reign in life as they behold His face.

For they receive the gift of rigtheousness
   in exchange for their unrighteousness.
They take off the leprous rags of sin,
   and put on Christ's own holiness within!

From condemnation and fear
   to receiving Christ living through me here.
From slavery to sin to abounding grace --
   I'm safe now in His loving embrace.

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